International Projects


The British Library’s Digital Library Programme

Comprehensive information about the Library, the scope of its collections, and how to use its services. View some of the Library’s greatest treasures including pages from the Leonardo da Vinci notebook, the entire manuscript of the Magna Carta and a complete archive of their two copies of the Gutenberg Bible.

TARDis, Targeting Academic Research for Deposit and Disclosure

TARDIS is one of a cluster of complementary projects funded by the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) as part of the Focus on Access to Institutional Resources Programme (FAIR). TARDIS is building a sustainable multidisciplinary institutional archive of e-Prints to leverage the research created within Southampton University using both self-archiving and mediated deposit.



FinELib, the National Electronic Library, acquires Finnish and international resources to support teaching, learning and research.



Gallica digital library provides access to digitized text, images and sound resources. This collection gathers prestigious editions, dictionaries and periodicals related to various disciplines such as history, literature, sciences, philosophy, economics and politics.

European Commission


Community Research and Development Information Service, the European Commission’s information service on European Research and Innovation activities

Dieper (Digitized European Periodicals)

Partners from ten European countries have joined to build a virtual network and a central access point to make accessible periodicals that have been retrospectively digitised in Europe or anywhere else in the world. DIEPER addresses the need for a central access point where all digitised periodicals shall be recorded.

Miracle (Music Information Resources Assisted Computer Library Exchange)

MIRACLE aims to develop a system allowing special libraries to access and download Braille music in digital form from a central database, drawing on the experience of the CANTATE and TESTLAB projects. Braille music is currently the only means the blind have for reading musical scores, but its production is labour-intensive and expensive. Four main Braille music libraries have formed a shared catalogue of Braille music and will cooperate on joining the digital files to a database so that they can be shared and accessed via the Internet.


Danmarks Elektroniske Forsknings-bibliotek (DEF, the Danish Electronic Research Library)

Denmark¹s Electronic Research Library (DEF) embraces a number of projects and progressive assignments within IT, research, education and library development. The overall aim of these activities is to improve the application of IT with a view to supporting research and education.


Global Info, the German Digital Libraries Project

The German Digital Libraries project is based on furthering cooperation with universities, scientific publishing houses (including various international publishers), book dealers, special subject information centers, as well as academic and research libraries.


Digital Collections of Koninklijke Bibliotheek – National Library of the Netherlands

The KB offers its members and visitors access to a large variety of external digital databases, such as reference works, bibliographies and periodicals, and a digital gallery of web exhibitions.

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

With its five hundred illuminated medieval manuscripts, containing some 8.000 images, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek holds the largest collection of manuscript painting in The Netherlands. Although small in size compared to national libraries like the British Library, the Bibliotheque National de France or the Vatican Library, the collection boasts a rather large number of high quality books and it is especially well-supplied in its specific collecting area of Dutch illumination.


Russian State Library Tacis 2 Program

The Tacis 2 program forms a consortium including the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, the Russian State Library, the Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, the Parliamentary Library and the Moscow State University Academic Library, with the aim to offer a joint web gateway to their bibliographic and full text resources.


National Library of Scotland

As Scotland¹s largest library, with 7 million printed books, 120,000 volumes of manuscripts, 1.6 million maps, and over 20,000 newspaper and magazine titles, the National Library also offers digital collections.

Centre for Digital Library Research (CDLR)

Formed in Summer 1999, the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde brings together long-standing research interests in the digital information area previously spread across two University departments. Managed jointly by the University’s Directorate of Information Strategy and Department of Computer and Information Sciences, CDLR seeks to combine theory with practice in innovative ways with the aim of being a centre of excellence on digital libraries issues ranging from information policy and information retrieval to document storage technologies and standards.

Glasgow Digital Library (GDL)

The Glasgow Digital Library (GDL) is a collaborative venture based in the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde. The aim of the project is to establish the GDL as a virtual co-library of the majority of public institutions in Glasgow and to create a wholly digital resource to support teaching, learning and research at all levels in the city, bringing together material currently separated by ownership and physical location.


Memoria Hispanica

Memoria Hispanica is the generic name given to the Biblioteca Nacional of Spain digitization project, whose aim is to provide digital reproductions of unique works, items of extreme rarity and other treasures of the Biblioteca Nacional.

Clasicos Tavera

Started in 1996 with the aim to digitally reproduce 4,000 printed works between the 16th and 18th centuries that relate to the Iberian Peninsular community. These works have been organized thematically into eleven different sections.

Project Runeberg

Project Runeberg publishes Nordic literature on the Internet including free electronic editions of old books from Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Other International Links

Biblioteca Universalis

Bibliotheca Universalis aims to put major works of worldwide cultural and scientific heritage comprising text, images and sound, at the disposal of the general public using communication and information technology.